feTile Filter Element

This filter primitive fills a target rectangle with a repeated, tiled pattern of an input image. The target rectangle is as large as the filter primitive subregion established by the x, y, width and height attributes on the feTile element.

Typically, the input image has been defined with its own filter primitive subregion in order to define a reference tile. feTile replicates the reference tile in both X and Y to completely fill the target rectangle. The top/left corner of each given tile is at location (x+i*width,y+j*height), where (x,y) represents the top/left of the input image’s filter primitive subregion, width and height represent the width and height of the input image’s filter primitive subregion, and i and j can be any integer value. In most cases, the input image will have a smaller filter primitive subregion than the feTile in order to achieve a repeated pattern effect.

Implementers must take appropriate measures in constructing the tiled image to avoid artifacts between tiles, particularly in situations where the user to device transform includes shear and/or rotation. Unless care is taken, interpolation can lead to edge pixels in the tile having opacity values lower or higher than expected due to the interaction of painting adjacent tiles which each have partial overlap with particular pixels.

For common properties see: Filter Primitives Overview

SVG Attributes

  • in – (see in attribute)