feGaussianBlur Filter Element

This filter primitive performs a Gaussian blur on the input image.

Frequently this operation will take place on alpha-only images, such as that produced by the built-in input, 'SourceAlpha'. The implementation may notice this and optimize the single channel case. If the input has infinite extent and is constant, this operation has no effect. If the input has infinite extent and is a tile, the filter is evaluated with periodic boundary conditions.

For common properties see: Filter Primitives Overview

SVG Attributes

  • in – (see in attribute)

  • stdDeviation<number-optional-number>

    The standard deviation for the blur operation. If two <number>s are provided, the first number represents a standard deviation value along the x-axis of the coordinate system established by attribute primitiveUnits on the filter element. The second value represents a standard deviation in Y. If one number is provided, then that value is used for both X and Y.

    A negative value is an error. A value of zero disables the effect of the given filter primitive (i.e., the result is the filter input image).

    If the attribute is not specified, then the effect is as if a value of '0' were specified.